Web Development

Web development can be challenging if you do not have the right team and processes in the place. If you are designing a new website or a web app, you need to first choose the correct web development framework and language. Right now, the landscape of web development is changing every few months making it difficult for businesses to make decisions.

We have experts in various web technologies and processes to help you make your web development project seamless and less stressful. We have more than decades of experience in designing and developing websites and apps for small businesses to larger enterprises. We can take care of end-to-end web development projects from user experience design, development, maintenance to security.

Our process

Web development projects can range from a few weeks to months based on the complexity of the project. We follow the standard web development project life cycle to ensure quality of the project.

We begin by carrying out research on your project requirements and carry out the feasibility of the project. This is followed by a scope document which lists out all the details about the project and lists the deliverables. 

Once the project is signed off, we begin the process of design and development. The process is collaborative and your feedback is taken at every stage to ensure that the expectation of the project is met. 

As the development comes to an end, it is followed by testing and feedback. This stage is used to streamline the final details. Once all the checklists in the initial document is met the project is taken live and delivered.

Case Study: Opentute.com

We developed the Opentute Learning Management System from scratch using a range of technologies including NodeJS and AngularJS via Google Cloud and AWS email servers. In addition, we created native apps in React Native for the Apple and Play stores.