Email Campaign Marketing

Email marketing isn’t dead but is often neglected by businesses. Email newsletter is a great way to engage with your prospects and cross-sell your products and services. It is also an important channel to maintain continuous communication with your existing customers to build loyalty. 

The key to delivering a successful email marketing campaign includes:

  • Choosing the right email marketing tools
  • Having a sustainable content strategy for newsletter
  • Building a strategy to increase your newsletter subscriber

Our Process

Email marketing is all about consistently delivering high quality content. The moment, you start spamming your audience and send irrelevant emails people will unsubscribe from your newsletter. 

Therefore, before you start blasting your audience with a newsletter, you need to have a content strategy in place. Our experts will engage with you to understand your business and help you come up with a quality content strategy that doesn’t go to spam. 

  • We will help you integrate your email tool with your website and help you setup automated email flow to welcome your new audience. 
  • We will design an email template that is consistent with your brand which you can then use repetitively to send future newsletters.
  • We will help you understand the major pitfalls of email marketing and help you stir away from common mistakes.