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Increase your Online Sales

We have helped our clients in the education sector increase their monthly online sales by 80-90% by implementing goal-oriented online marketing strategies using the latest marketing tools.

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Operating your online shop at scale

If your online shop cannot scale, then it is as good as having no site. We work tirelessly with our clients to ensure that their online business scales successfully.

In one case, we improved the uptime of their store to 100% and achieved a Google Site Score of 93.

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Growth case study

35% increased leads

We increased the conversion rate of an eCommerce site by 35% by implementing aggressive marketing campaigns and optimising the website.

95% increased sales

We increased online sales by 95% despite reducing the paid advertising budget by 76% by optimising the key metrics of the website.

100% uptime

By implementing the best hosting practices and on-page optimisation techniques, we achieved 100% uptime and scored 93 on Google performance tests.

67% increased engagement

Engagement metrics are as important as conversion and sales metrics. For our education client, we increased learner engagement by 67% by improving the delivery of online learning content delivering a better onboarding experience.

Workflow Automation at scale
Let the website work for you

Scale can only be achieved through workflow automation and data integration.

Your ecommerce website needs to talk to all the departments of your business - operation, marketing, sales, service, hr and top executives.

We were able to setup a complex automation for our client to reduce the manual work and deliver better buying experience for their customers.

Online Learning Experts

We specialise in setting up an learning management systems (LMS) like Moodle, Opentute and more, and delivering a better online learning experience.

We can also build learning content for your training needs. We have created SCORM modules, video training materials and online courses for our clients. By integrating technology and content, we have helped our clients build a highly engaging onling learning community and boosted their engagement by 60%, notably on mobile devices.

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