Mobile App Development


Mobile applications have become the most popular customer engagement channel for small to large businesses. Building a mobile app is more challenging than a web application because you need to deliver and maintain the application on different platforms - iOS and Android. 

Our team has expertise in both the platforms and have successful customer stories of delivering a project on both platforms. We have designed and developed simple survey applications to implement a complex mobile elearning platform.

We have experience in building complex mobile app features like customer logins, chat features, dashboards and complex CMS.

Our process

Mobile App development projects can range from a few weeks to months based on the complexity of the project. We follow the standard mobile app development project life cycle to ensure quality of the project.

We begin by carrying out research on your project requirements and carry out the feasibility of the project. This is followed by a scope document which lists out all the details about the project and lists the deliverables. 

Once the project is signed off, we begin the process of design and development. The process is collaborative and your feedback is taken at every stage to ensure that the expectation of the project is met. 

As the development comes to an end, it is followed by testing and feedback. This stage is used to streamline the final details. Once all the checklists in the initial document is met the project is taken live and delivered. Unlike the web development process, mobile projects have additional steps like registering your app on iOS and Android platforms. The length of this process is dependent on the type of application and can take from a few days to weeks.

Case Study: ASSIST Screening Apps

Since 2016, we have worked with the ASSIST team at the University of Adelaide to produce numerous apps for ios and Android. We have used React Native (cross-platform), Java and Objective C and deployed on the Apple store and Play store. Most recently, we have designed and developed an indigenous version of the ASSIST apps.