LMS Development


LMS stands for a learning management system which allows your business to deliver online learning content to your learners. It can also have an ecommerce component allowing you to sell online courses and content. 

WebDesignCafe is uniquely positioned to deliver LMS projects because we have decades of experience and background in eLearning and instructional design. We understand and have skills to build a learning management system from scratch or use one of the existing LMS frameworks like Moodle to build the LMS for your training organisation.

We can also customise and build a whitelabel version of Opentute. Opentute is a customisable and scalable community learning platform which has all the modern LMS features to build your own online training marketplace.

Further, we have successfully delivering LMS for the leading global training and coaching organisations in Australia and outside.

Our Process

Designing and implementing a learning management system entirely depends on the complexity of the features. Our expert instructional and elearning designers would gather all your requirements and scope the projects.

Based on the requirements, we build a roadmap of building and rolling out an LMS platform. Just like other web development projects, LMS projects are delivered in phases starting with basic features to complex. 

Once the development and deployment of LMS is complete, we can also help you maintain and monitor the performance of the platform.