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Introducing Web Design Cafe

Whether you need support with Elearning, Ecommerce or anything else digital, our industry specialists have all the skills and expertise to help you shape the vision of your business.


Whether you need a highly interactive SCORM module, Instructional Designer, Learning Consultant, new LMS installation like Opentute or On-demand coach, we've got you covered!

For You

Online selling has never been so important to any business. This is an opportunity to sell goods around the clock. We can help you to increase sales and land more customers. Get in contact and we'll do the rest!

Web & Mobile

As well as hosting, SEO, digital marketing and design, our engineers are experts in tech stacks such as HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Wordpress, and many others. On top of that, our experts in testing and quality assurance make sure everything works as expected.

Trusted By Australian and International Companies and Organisations

Our Services

Our product consultants will work with you on your requirements right through to the design, build and delivery stages. We also offer a full quality assurance process, to ensure you get exactly what you expect on all devices.

Our Solutions

Whether you’d like us to customise and support your existing digital platform or design and build a custom solution, we’ve got you covered. Ask us for a free consultation.

Our Team

The team Web Design Cafe is led by Senior UX and LMS consultant, Travis Clapp. Denis Grishin brings a wealth of expertise as Product Manager, and we have a range of staff across a multitude of skill sets, as well as solid quality assurance and backup processes.

Travis Clapp

Founder & IT Consultant

Denis Grishin

Project Manager

Arina Maksimenko


Deep Sherchan

Technical & Marketing Support

Natalka Savunia


Malkiat (Mal) Singh

Angular & Node Dev

Ali Razzak

Marketing Guru

Katya Komarova

Mentor & Digital Coordinator

Michael Favia

Full stack Wordpress Developer


Course Producer

Dalbeer Singh

App Developer

Rudy Wijaya

UI/UX Designer

Head Office

Lot 14 Adelaide, SA 5000

Phone No: 1300 239 208

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