Elearning Modules

At Web Design Cafe, we combine performance psychology, project execution and learning and development to enable behaviour change. Our services include:

Project setup and management

  • Creating a learning centred culture
  • Evolving change management
  • Agile, transformative approach to kicking-off change
  •  Aligning vision, mission, values with team and learning goals 

Development of Learning Modules, and updating and modernising learning programs

  • With psychology informed methodologies to support behaviour change
  • Work with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to extract their knowledge and put into a systemic approach to e-learning
  • Habits methodology for reinforcement
  • Program approach to behaviour change – over months not days
  • Adult learning principles such as when to use reinforcement, motivation theories, developing intrinsic motivation

Facilitated learning transfer through courses and coaching

  • Help leaders / managers create a structured approach to changing behaviour using technology as the aid
  • Supporting cohort throughout the learning experience
  • Engaging leaders so they walk their talk