What is eCommerce?

What is eCommerce? - Web Design Cafe

Some people say it is an electronic purchase or online sale. Others guess e-commerce is not only financial transactions carried out using networks, but, importantly, a chain of constantly improving, global business processes associated with conducting transactions.

Everyone is right. Access to e-commerce is possible from any smart device. According to researchers, about 7 billion devices are connected to the Internet in the world. Nowadays digitalisation is the only way to stay on the top of the new technological wave and stay competitive. In comparison to the past, having an online store at present is a necessity rather than a bonus.

Moreover, having just an online store is not enough. The current competitive environment calls on sellers to be able to make the best offer with no chance to say “no”.  Having an attractive and user-friendly design, with logical website architecture and intuitive navigation, increases the demand for your goods and services many times.

That is what Web Design Cafe is doing. We can help you to develop or update a website of your business and make it more attractive to customers for ongoing retention, growth, and sales.