How to come up with an idea for a website design?

How to come up with an idea for a website design? - Web Design Cafe

Developing a website design is a creative process that can even be called an art. You may consider hundreds of ideas, but only one of them will steal the show. The more options you have, the higher your chances of success. So, check our actionable advice on how to find an idea for a website design. 

STEP 1: Competitor analysis

Check out the websites of companies that work in the same field. Note what they have in common and what is different, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Do they use trends or basically rely on traditional solutions? You should absolutely understand the market around you before coming up with something that stands out.

STEP 2: Design resources 

There are a lot of platforms for designers with good references. Take your time to explore Awwwards or SiteInspire, and find things that resonate with you and your business. Write down all ideas that come to your mind while you’re looking at these examples.

STEP 3: Ask your agency

If you’ve trusted the website development to a particular agency, go all the way. Believe us, they are working with different designs on a daily basis, and they know what rocks, and what sucks these days. Professional advice is the light that keeps you on course.