eCommerce Website Growth Case Study 2022

eCommerce Website Growth Case Study 2022 - Web Design Cafe

At WebDesignCafe, we take pride in providing end-to-end digital services to help our eCommerce clients grow their businesses. We have successfully delivered various projects that combine the power of eLearning and eCommerce. 

We have helped our clients set up online shops from the ground up and contributed to the financial growth of the business, as well.

In our recent internal client report, we consolidated all the important eCommerce KPIs and made a comparative analysis. We thought it would be good to share a snippet of the report as a blog post. 

What are the important eCommerce KPIs to track?

Here is the list of important eCommerce KPIs, we were tracking:

  1. Ecommerce Website
    1. Bounce rate
    2. Time spent
    3. Web traffic with respect to source/channels/device
    4. Returning versus New Visitors
    5. Organic versus Paid Visitors
    6. Traffic report based on landing pages, product pages and marketing content
    7. User flow diagram/heatmaps to understand the customer journey for optimisation
  2. Ecommerce Sale
    1. daily/weekly/monthly sales with respect to marketing channels
    2. Order count with respect to products
  3. Marketing/Sales Activities
    1. Ad Campaign spent and conversion
    2. Ad Campaign with respect to marketing channels
    3. Lead form submission and conversion metrics
    4. Lead submission with respect to campaigns, promotions, channels
    5. Sales activity report
  4. Website Stability Report
    1. Uptime, site speed and stability of the website
    2. Security and hosting cost optimisation
    3. Google lighthouse report metrics
  5. eLearning System Metrics
    1. Active users
    2. Users engagement 

View Ecommerce Case Study Report

The case study contains snippet of the KPI report. Please schedule a free consultation with us to understand more about our offerings. 

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