Managed IT Services

We partner with CADEXIT to provide a wide range of Managed IT Services

CADEX Managed IT Services

Businesses are under constant pressure to reduce IT costs while improving services to its organisation and end users. To combat the high level of complexity and the broad spectrum of the modern-day IT, Cadex IT has developed a suite of management service programs and support processes to provide organisations with efficient and cost-effective methods for managing their IT operations.

We have focused on providing our managed service solution for companies with complex IT environments and limited in-house technical resources. Having developed expertise in this area, we are able to build tailored solutions based on customer’s platforms. Leveraging our highly skilled engineers and a wide array of vendor expertise, we can deliver a wide range of services and solution from a single point of contact.

Our Managed Service focuses on the following key metrics:


    • Service Level – represents the quality and timelines of IT services delivered to the business and its end users. Guaranteed service level means businesses can be assured that its mission critical services will always running in an optimum environment, under constant monitoring and regular maintenance.

    • Business Agility – reflects the organisation’s ability to adapt to changing technology and/or business conditions. With Cadex’s technical expertise and a wealth of experience, we will provide complete IT management including guidance as new technologies become available to assist you’re your business operations, thus providing your business with a competitive edge in its industry segment.

    • Service Costs – are usually the high cost component in any IT environment. Through system automation and optimising of support processes, our managed service model will deliver comprehensive IT support at a fraction of the cost compared to employing dedicated in-house IT resources.


  • Account Management – Cadex Account Managers schedule regular face to face meeting with our customers to ensure that all Services are being delivered satisfactorily and that business needs and new requirements are catered for and planned efficiently. Our program manager will also act as our client’s in-house IT manager, providing proactive recommendations for the ongoing improvement of our clients’ IT environment.