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The Global Centre of Work-Applied Learning deliver a range of training programs using a blend of face-to-face and two Opentute elearning portals. We redesigned and developed their WordPress site as part of their roll-out of new programs to meet real business market needs Ask us how we can help you develop a WordPress site today.

The University of Adelaide

For more than five years, we have worked with Dr Ali and the team at WHO Collaborating Centre (Adelaide University) to create native mobile apps, a survey platform and WordPress websites, including http://assistportal.com.au/, https://eassist.adelaide.edu.au/ and https://assistplus.adelaide.edu.au/ We have integrated their instance of Opentute at https://assistlearning.adelaide.edu.au/, where they have trained hundreds of health professionals 100% online […]

Prime Practice

We have worked closely with Prime Practice to scale their face to face training delivery online through their online academy on Opentute.com. As well as creating customised integrations with Arlo.co and WordPress, we built a full Ecommerce solution using Woo-commerce. Learn more at https://compliance.primepractice.com.au. Ask us how a bespoke or licensed Ecommerce and/or Learning platform […]


If you have a business that relies on foot traffic and in-person purchases, now is the time to move online with a serious Ecommerce strategy. If you are located in Melbourne Australia, take advantage of the COVID-19 grants available to move your products online. If you have a WordPress site (or want one), arguably the […]

Online training

If you offer face to face training, now is the time to move online and scale delivery with webinar tools and the power of Learning Management System (LMS), like https://opentute.com. We have specialised in elearning and blended learning delivery for over ten years and have learned that to really engage your learners, it’s crucial to […]

Web Design

It wouldn’t be a Web Design Cafe without amazing web design – and coffee! Well, we all love coffee, here but let’s get serious – great user experiences start with people, design and finally the development and testing. A bit like a good espresso! The point is we are passionate about great design in the […]