How do I create a new email account?

To start, login to your cPanel Control Panel > Locate 'Email Accounts' and click then follow the below instructions once on the Email Accounts screen.

Add an email account

1. Click the pull-down menu and click the appropriate domain. (Usually only one domain name will appear unless you have multiple domains)

2. Enter an email name, password, and password confirmation in the appropriate boxes.

Note: The Strength box will show you the strength of your password choice. If you want cPanel to generate a secure password for you, click the Password Generator button.

3. Enter the mailbox quota you wish for the new account to use. You may use the MB option to specify the account’s quota in megabytes or selectUnlimited if you wish for the account have an unlimited mail quota.

Note: A mailbox quota defines the amount of hard drive space an account is able to use.

4. Click Create Account.

You're done!

Remember you can access webmail or use Outlook or another email program to access your emails.

TIP: To access the webmail option navigate in your web browser to: (Replace with your real web address)

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