I can't send email but I can receive it

There are two common problems which will cause sent mail to fail.

The first is when your ISP blocks port 25 (the standard SMTP port). A large number of ISPs (including Bigpond, Optus, Internode and iiNet) will block this port in an attempt to reduce the amount of spam emails being sent through their network. If your ISP blocks port 25, you can set your outgoing server to your ISP's SMTP server (contact your ISP for the SMTP server address), or you can change the outgoing server port to port 26 which all Web Design Cafe Pty Ltd servers have enabled as a secondry outgoing mail port.

The second problem is when your email client does not have SMTP Authentication enabled (this is when the email client logs in before sending the email). If enabled, you will receive an error stating "553 sorry.....". To solve this, you simply need to enable SMTP Authentication in your email client be sure to either select use same username and password as outgoing server or enter the login details for that email account if this option is not there.

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